Blind solder

No-see soldering.


Do you use closed-captioning?
It’s not for you, it’s for the deaf. Huge learning of mine, making something accessible makes it better for everyone.

I don’t know where to start, so this is a placeholder for people to comment andĀ for future me to remember.

A good solder joint creates a electrical and mechanical bond. You can test continuity for electrical but mechanical is hard.

I guess you don’t need to see if a spool of components is labeled and loaded into a pick and place machine and the whole board is wave soldered. A solderless breadboard is already a thing and the different lengths of the anode and cathode leads. I can draw circuits. Maybe a conductive putty would work, not too mechanical, maybe something like Sugru or Epoxy that was workable for a set amount of time and turned solid.

A simple tester for if an LED is lit and what color/frequency it is, also look up what kind of oscilloscope display they have for the blind, I Kickstarted a sound representation.

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