Log house

Building the old and new ways.

ResourcesLog Cabin

There property my patents have in BC where I could put a small log cabin. There are some pretty cool treehouse’s but we don’t have the canopy.

This is a larger interest of mine, automated construction.

I remember something looking back at the 60’s and they were predicting the future and a homemaker would be ‘vacuuming’ by spraying a hose to clean their plastic house. Plastic printed house, there are 3D printed cement structures. Interior v exterior. Because it is so novel it doesn’t seem like there is much research into what makes the best structure, if you look at bridges they use the material to it’s strength. Cable is for pulling force, cement compression force, and steel for linear force but it is heavy and expensive comparatively.

My icing printer is the first step, that’s why I chose it as a project.

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