Cookie cutter

Custom cutter

There are straightforward ways of doing this. I don’t think I’ll venture into metal casting at home, but I can make a CNC cut a simple 2D shape. Material selection is the question, I cut softer metals but a cutter has a lot of negative space. I may do a thinner metal outline and then a supporting structure or handle.

Smile tooth
Fossil bones
Halloween: ghost, skull, skeleton
An open source superhero logo

Ice cube tray

Indirectly CNC a silicone mold.

References: Mold Making, Tetris Ice Cubes, Vacuum Chamber

Design, carve the inverse into something that would make a good silicone mold, make the mold and freeze. You want a vacuum chamber for the mold so there isn’t air bubbles, I have a few vacuum pumps but I question how low they can get the air pressure.

What to mold:
Bunny, animals
Penguin on iceberg
Tooth mould
Paw print
Musical instruments
Chess set
Halloween: ghost, skull
An open source superhero logo
A person frozen in a slab of ice

Hoop Counter

Detecting the score.


A scoreboard made of a 7-segment LED strip and two sensors to see if the ball had gone through or just come close to the hoop.

WS2812B strip cut into seven segment displays
LED scoreboard

Current build:
One sensor
4x 20 LED strips
6x 10 LED strips

Currently segment 7 of the second digit isn’t working. I’m writing a library so that a number is displayed using the LED strip.