Home Gardening

A personal greenhouse.

References: FarmBotPlantbot, pH probe

I would want ideal plant growth, while testing for taste.
Seeds can germinate with paper towel and some water, I wonder how direct you could get it to sprout, some rock wool maybe. A filter for the bubble air pump. The more variables you can control the more you can test for.

Light amount, spectrum, time of day.
pH of water
Oxygen water & air
CO2 water & air
Circulation amount water & air
Nutrient amounts

A different spectrum of light at times of day, a light at 60Hz and our eye doesn’t notice it blinking. Wonder if photosynthesis acts the same as the reactions in our rods/cones and it stops mattering at a certain refresh rate.

Lighting, I have a very large grow LED and liquid cooling, better with a large fanless heatsink.
Hydroponics, I have the 3″ mesh pots.

ph sensor, ph up and down
liquid nutrients
a way to circulate air, I have a few pumps which may do
germinante seeds, rock wool may work


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