Bug Zapper

Death to Mosquitoes.


Early stages, does breath (CO2), heat (IR), or a chemical (maybe pheromones) attract them most?

Tough to test variables to isolate would be the: size and amount.


A few traps next to each other would help isolate for the environment. Different concentrations of CO2. Different lure sizes of CO2. Also with IR the blinking and intensity rates, different sizes of panels, simulate movement with patterns, test light diffusers.

There is also the control area, if you get really big I’m sure that Mosquitoes from a longer distance would be attracted so it would look more effective but actually not be, just attracting them from longer distances, you’d have to control but as soon as you put them in a large greenhouse type thing you are loosing the natural CO2 and IR from fauna and the city. So size and effectiveness I’ll take with a grain of salt.

A way to zap them is tempting. I wonder what kind of wind they can sense or fly away from, having an air intake drawing them in when close may be effective, you can create an air ionizer I wonder if a bug could store a large enough charge that the shock from grounding (like us being charged and touching a door handle) could be enough to kill. That may solve them avoiding, if they do, wind. They would be charged up and pulled to discharging/death.

The size, time of life, and the millions they kill with malaria etc. mosquitoes are exempt from compassion.

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